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Where I've Been

Boy oh boy has life been crazy recently. With the chaos of senior year, golf season & college applications I've had a hard time finding time to sit down, let alone sit down and write a blog post. It's never my intention to put the blog on the back burner for this long but sometimes life happens and you just have to live with it. 

My senior golf season officially ended yesterday which as sad it is to know that I am done with high school sports, I'm excited to be back to my regular blogging routine. My senior golf season was UNBELIEVABLE. My team and I performed extremely well, winning our conference championship and making it the state tournament for the first time in seven years! I served as one of the Varsity team captains this year and loved being able to mentor the younger girls throughout the season. My teammates and I grew extremely close during season and I know that we will continue to grow closer even out of season. 

Rewind back to the summer where I spent a few days traveling down to South Carolina to look at several colleges. At the every beginning of the summer my mom and I traveled down and looked at a bunch of schools but one school that really stood out to me was Clemson University. I had never even thought to consider Clemson but the moment I stepped on the campus I fell in love. Although Clemson isn't a very big town, it still had the feel I was looking for as well as the southern charm I wanted. My dad and I went back to Clemson in July for an official visit to the school where I fell even more in love with the school. Needless to say Clemson was the first application I submitted and I am anxiously waiting for (hopefully!) an acceptance letter! 

Fast forward back to October where I attended my final homecoming dance. I hadn't gone to a dance since my freshman year homecoming but I'm so happy that my friends convinced me to go. I went with a group of really good friends & had such a good time! At the dance I was able to find two of my teammates, Lizzie & Emily, and we took a picture that easily is my favorite picture of the night. 

I wore a simple black lace dress and a pair of black heels and both were so comfortable and I got lots of compliments on both! 

Now that all of my college applications are in I feel like I can finally breathe and relax a little bit. I actually just received my first acceptance letter yesterday! I'm going to wait until I've heard back from all my schools before announcing where I applied & where I'll be attending! :)



  1. Missed seeing your posts on my Bloglovin feed, blogger bestie! When are we going to see that Clemson vlog ;)


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