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Sophomore Formal

Formal is always my favorite time of the school year because not only does it signify that the year is coming to a close, but it's also an excuse to get all dressed up and take pretty pictures with my best friends. 

I only went to prom my senior year and I hope SO much fun and regretted not going to my junior prom, but thankfully, formals have given me the chance to relive prom, just in college instead of high school. 

The dress I wore this year is borrowed from my sweet friend Maddie, but it's from Lulus (I linked it at the end of this post!). We took pictures at the South Carolina State House this year and our pictures turned out so nice! It was POURING all afternoon but thankfully, it stopped right as we left for pictures. I'm super excited to be sharing some of my favorite formal photos today for you all to see a glimpse at my night! 


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