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Edisto Island, South Carolina

One of the (many) perks about going to school in South Carolina is the fact that there's always the option to take a weekend beach trip. Being just two hours from the coast & a bonus is that one of my friends owns a beach house means that when the weather & timing permits, we get to take weekend road trips. 

A few weeks ago I was on Edisto Island, South Carolina with 9 of my sorority sisters and best friends. I was able to snap some fun photos during our quick weekend there that I'm excited to be sharing the photos today for a little peek at one of my weekend road trips! Also, I made a fun little video from our weekend getawat, click HERE to watch!

We had so much fun cooking meals, tanning on the beach, exploring the island, playing games, and just spending some much needed time together. It's crazy to think that in two weeks we'll all be heading our separate ways for the summer. I'm so grateful for weekends like these because they make the future goodbyes so much easier because I know the kind of friendships I'll be coming back to. 


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