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Currently Caffeinating

I think that it's only fitting to start 2019 by coming clean. 

Confession: I have a slight addiction to coffee. I honestly don't even think that coffee effects me anymore, I just associate drinking it with productivity. But hey, whatever works, right?

One of my favorite coffee shops at home here in Columbus is called Fox in the Snow and it wouldn't be a trip home to Ohio without me paying a visit. I love the whole feel of coffee shops, the smell of coffee grounds, the people-watching, and of course (because I'm a blogger), the aesthetically pleasing photo opportunities. 

I headed to Fox in the Snow with my parents several days ago and snapped some photos that I'm excited to share today. Something in my outfit catch your eye? I've included links to the pieces I'm wearing and similar pieces at the end of this post for your personal shopping pleasure.

similar top // jeans // booties (same style, just different color)

Happy New Year,


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  1. This is the cutest coffee shop! I want to visit Ohio now!