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Let's Catch Up!

Hi friends! With student teaching being finished for the semester & shockingly not having anything due or any exams before Thanksgiving break, I have the next week and a half to just hang around and finally get working on some new content for Northern Prepster. 

Since I've been a little MIA recently (thank you sophomore year for that) I think it's time for a post to share some photos and update you all on what I've been up lately! 

P A R E N T 'S  W E E K E N D 

Parent's weekend was in early October and although my family couldn't make the trip down to South Carolina this year, I still attened our Parent's Cocktail. I got to meet my little's family (even though she wasn't officially my little yet) and take some cute pictures. 

P U M P K I N  P A T C H E S

We had a sisterhood event at a pumpkin patch about 25 minutes outside of Columbia in mid-October one Sunday afternoon. It was a nice study break and even though it was 80ยบ, my friends and I still had fun taking some fun fall photos and starting to get in the ~fall spirit~.

B I G  L I T T L E  R E V E A L

Big Little reveal was on October 12th and leading up to reveal, my chapter does two nights of gifts called DZ Christmas. As much fun as crafting for my little was, I was very excited to finally get to give her all her gifts & free up some more space in my room. On the first night I gave her a bunch of t-shirts, canvases, wooden letters that I modge podged with pink & green paper, and I painted her a big wooden crate to carry it all in. On the second night of gifts I gave her more t-shirts, canvases, her costume for reveal, a tote bag, and a big plastic bin to carry it all in.

My family's reveal theme this year was "Ice, Ice, Baby" so my twin and I were bags of ice (loved sporting a trash bag all night), our littles were the babies, my big was Vanilla Ice, and we painted a giant boomb box for our grandbig to hold that said "Stop, collaborate & listen, this DZ fam's got some new additions!"

All of the bigs jump out of giant boxes to surprise our littles which is not the easiest thing in the world, trying to hide in those for extended periods of time is not the most enjoyable thing, but it was definitely wortht it! My little, Katie,  knew I was her big the whole time (oops) but she's the best and played along with it the whole time leading up to reveal.

F A L L  B R E A K

Fall Break was three weeks ago and it was so nice to be home for a couple of days. I didn't have any big plans, just a lot or errands to run, getting to see my family & catching up with a few of my friends that were home or go to school in Columbus. I also had a decent amount of work to do over break, bummer I know, so I spent a while working on all of that, too. I'm super excited to be home for Thanksgiving next week, especially since I'm flying home so I don't have to spend 8 hours in the car!

S O R O R I T Y  F U N C T I O N S - AC/DZ

The first Friday in November my sorority had our second function of the semester, AC/DZ. It was fun to dress up in rock-n-roll style clothing becasue I can't think of any other time I would get to cut up and old band t-shirt and wear a leather skirt with hightops. I took my roommate from last year, Sophie, and my sorority twin brought my suitemate from last year, Claire. I haven't gotten to hang out with Soph and Claire as much as I had hoped I would've this semester so it was so fun to get to spend a night with them.

B I G  L I T T L E  P A D D L E  E X C H A N G E

Last week we had an event during dinner one night where all the littles could give their big a paddle if they chose to make one. I didn't know that my little was making one for me so I was so surprised when she gave me one! I love my paddle & it's now hanging by my bedroom door! To my little if you're reading this, thank you, love you lots!

Happy November!


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