Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What's in My Backpack

I'm three weeks into my second semester of college & have finally gotten into a routine with my classes. Last semester I had textbooks for every class which meant that I had to carry them around all day. On top of my textbooks, I had SO much unnecessary stuff in my backpack (who needs 6 granola bars?!). I've finally condensed the contents of my backpack down to the bare essentials for class to ensure I'm not lugging around a bag heavier than need be.


I purchased a North Face backpack for my senior year of high school and loved it so much I'm still using it in college. This backpack is durable & holds a lot of stuff. My favorite parts are the pouches on the sides for water bottles and there's a built in sleeve for your laptop. This backpack also doesn't get soaked when I have to walk to and from class in the rain which is super nice because when it rains here in Columbia, it POURS!

Lip Balm 

I hate having chapped lips just as much as the next person so I always make sure to have some lip balm or chapstick in my backpack.


My wristlet holds by student ID and some cash in case I stop anywhere for food or coffee on my way to or from class. My student ID is my lifeline at school, I wouldn't be able to get into my dorm building without it, so I always make sure I have it safety tucked away in my wristlet.


Sometimes I forget to grab my sunglasses on my way out the door so I started keeping an extra pair or inexpensive ones in my backpack in case I ever need them while walking to and from class.


I always have my headphones in my backpack in case we have free time in class or to listen to music on my way to and from classes. I don't usually do this but I like to have them in there just in case.


I use highlighters a lot whether it's highlighting things in my planner, highlighting reading assignments & important due dates on the class syllabus. I'm partial to the classic yellow highlighters but I usually carry around a couple of colors with me. 


I have a notebook for each of my classes this semester because a couple of my classes don't allow technology to be used and I find that I retain information from lectures better when I hand write it rather than typing it.

Water Bottle 

I always grab my water bottle and fill it up down in the lobby of my dorm building before heading off to class. Especially when I'm sick I always make sure to have a full bottle of water with me in case I start coughing because the last thing I want is to have everyone staring at me because I can't stop coughing.


I always have my planner with me in case a due date changes or an assignment is added to the curriculum so I can change it immediately instead of risking forgetting to add or change something later on in the day.


I bring my laptop with me to each class even though I can't use it in some of them. Some of my classes have online textbooks and sometimes if I'm just not feeling like handwriting my notes I'll type them.

What are your backpack essentials?

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